Thank you for visiting my personal webpage.

I am currently a Research Scientist & Innovation Lead with the Social and Cognitive Computing Department at the Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC), a flagship interdisciplinary research institute of A*STAR, which is a leading science, tech and research organisation in Singapore. I also serve as an Adjunct Assistant Professor with the NUS Business School (Dept. of Analytics and Operations) where I teach graduate and executive-level courses on AI, business analytics, and network science.

My research brings together topics and methods from network science, psychographic profiling, and risk analytics to relevant AI applications. The following are some examples of problems that I am particularly interested in:

i. Modeling user behavior on large and complex social networks using fine-grained observational data, and understanding the network effects that drive such behavior in a variety of contexts spanning finance, healthcare, and education. (Skim through this and this for two very interesting instances of this line of research).

ii. Building computational models of psychological (e.g. attitudes) and behavioral (e.g. emotional expressions) constructs using large-scale and fine-grained data from digital platforms, and studying the effectiveness of emerging applications e.g. empathetic chatbots, using such data. Did you know that there could be as many as 27 distinct types of quantifiable emotional experiences?

iii. Answering causal inference problems in emerging business contexts using observational data. This is particularly important in the context of impact/intervention evaluation studies where randomized experiments (e.g. A/B tests) are not feasible to conduct. See this for a good example of when this is super-important.

I have over 8 years of academic and industry experience in addressing complex and real-world business problems using network science, causal inference, and risk profiling/analytics approaches. I have worked extensively with leading industry teams in AI, digital media, healthcare, microfinance and online search industries. Through these research collaborations, I try to offer insights that not only enrich our understanding of how users behave on emerging platforms, but also deliver solutions to tricky social and business problems. I also actively participate in designing training programmes for senior analytics and AI professionals in Asia. For instance, earlier this year, Jussi Keppo and I helped design “Business Analytics For Strategic Decisions”, an online certificate programme aimed at introducing strategic concepts in business analytics and AI to senior executives looking to transform their organizations in a data-informed way.

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