EdTech: Uncovering network effects in educational and labor market outcomes

I am currently working on a number of projects that use fine-grained and anonymized digital traces of student interactions on e-learning platform to understand how network effects within student communities affect various kind of learning and economic outcomes. As part of this, we also try to analyze how student collaboration networks evolve over time as a result of their academic performances. In a related set projects, we are looking at using large-scale behavioral data from an online peer-to-peer tutoring company in Asia to analyze teaching and learning styles that lead to productive (or counterproductive) interactions and learning outcomes.

Relevant projects/papers:
1. The Effect of Online Collaborative Peer Influence on Academic Performance: A Three-Stage Coevolution Model of Social Network and Individual Behavior, with Ding Dan, Tuan Q. Phan, and Edoardo Airoldi,
2. Modeling the Interplay between Online and Offline Communication Networks among Students, with Ding Dan, and Tuan Q. Phan. 3. Inferring Learning Styles and Tutoring Session Quality on Digital Tutoring Platforms, with Dapeng Shan, Yining Tang, and Tuan Q. Phan.