FinTech: Risk profiling, creditworthiness assessment, network effects in financial behavior

Financial exclusion is a crippling social problem in many countries, and the lack of adequate data-backed strategies make it extremely hard for microfinance institutions to operate within acceptable delinquency rates. My collaborators and I work with important microfinance stakeholders in the region to explore novel data-driven approaches of performing creditworthiness assessment using effective, explainable and privacy-preserving methods. Such approaches can empower microfinance institutions in lowering default rates and improving the overall sustainability of microfinance communities, while also contributing to social welfare.

Relevant projects/papers:
1. Error Tolerance of Big Data based Credit-scoring Models, with Anmol Agarwal, Ishita Mediratta, and Tuan Q. Phan
2. Assessing Peer-effects from Egocentric Borrower Networks: Evidence from an Emerging Micro-lending Community, with Tianhui Tan and Tuan Q. Phan
3. Predictive Power of Online and Offline Behavior Sequences: Evidence from a Micro-finance Context, with Rishabh Mehrotra, Tianhui Tan, and Tuan Q. Phan
4. A Paypal For The Un-Banked: Analyzing Mobile-Based Micro-Cash Transfers in a Large Developing Economy, with Xuesong Lu, Alvaro Gonzalez Rivas, and Tuan Q. Phan