Social Networks and Digital Marketing, Social Media Analytics

This collection of projects, made possible through industry collaborations and datasets, investigates user behavior on large social networks sites and other social media platforms, and the causal impacts of such behavior on online activities (e.g. online friendship formation) as well as offline activities (e.g. product purchases).

Relevant projects/papers:

  1. (PhD dissertation study) Analyzing the Co-evolution of Network Structure and Content Generation in Online Social Networks, with Tuan Q. Phan, Xue Bai and Edoardo Airoldi. (published in Information Systems Research, 2019)
  2. (PhD dissertation study) Investigating the Impact of New Privacy Controls by Social Network Sites on Users’ Content Generation Behavior. with Tuan Q. Phan and Edoardo Airoldi. (in preparation)
  3. (PhD dissertation study) The Profitability of Social Media Brand-Pages: Investigating the Effects of Customer Behavior at Online Social Network Sites on Offline Purchase, with Tuan Q. Phan and Khim Yong Goh. (in preparation)
  4. Inferring the Causal Impact of New Track Releases on Music Recommendation Platforms through Counterfactual Predictions, with Rishabh Mehrotra and Mounia Lalmas. (Presented at RecSys 2020)
  5. Exploiting Causal Dependencies in Online Information Seeking, with Rishabh Mehrotra. (Presented at CHIIR 2016)
  6. Characterizing and Predicting Supply-side Engagement on Crowd-contributed Video Sharing Platforms, with Rishabh Mehrotra. (Presented at WWW 2015 and ICTIR 2017)